Let a Life Begin...

Extend your hands...Needy can hold it to rise

There are hundreds and hundreds of people, near you and me, in dire need. We can extend our hands to reach those in need, by doing little humble gestures of sharing informations like job availability, education scholarships, business funding resources and rental homes/commercial spaces.


Educating one poor student will not only raise him/her off poverty, but also their whole family and generations to come. Literacy will transform the nation too...

 Come let's transform...


The one that you can easily give away, is the info about a job vacancy, when you are settled in a job. This gesture will fulfill the tummies of a family... and their hearts too...

 Help with a Job


Innovative ideas, marketing talent, managerial skills would all thrust to start a business, but the financial requisites would stumble...
if an employer is financially supported, not just him/her, but the employees and their families would also simmer with gratitude and wellness. .

Shall we...


Food, clothing and shelter are the essential needs of a human. An affordable shelter would impart a comfort - mentally & physically, and, would help focus on life betterment activities.

Sharing a known availability of a home for rent is a very kind gesture.


Please note that the donation products mentioned are to illustrate activities and the change that your donation can make to the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people. C K Ramchand Foundation, based on the need on the ground, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most.

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